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I will gladly work with you, your contractor, and architect to form the most extraordinary piece of living art for your home. Allow me to make your quest truly something to believe in. Turn ordinary into extraordinary with L. Lynn Interiors!

Lizzy Lynn is a distinguished ASID Allied Interior Designer; and best known for her aesthetically pleasing yet functional South Florida interiors for upscale homes. Creativity came easy to her early on, as she also followed in her mothers artistic footsteps. Being aware of her surroundings, she is constantly observing spaces. It is her unique ability to combine architecture with an interior vision, that gives her the capacity to see her clients vision come to fruition …and they usually go beyond expectations.

She is recognized for designing some of the finest properties in South Florida, creating clean, luxurious and classic designs that reflect South Floridas tropical environment. The passion for her work is exemplified in all aspects of her interiors. Her design philosophy is simple, she listens closely to what her clients expect and desire, then translates those ideas, to meet objectives. Every project is unique, in the sense, that she always brings freshly tailored & exciting results to each assignment.

Ms. Lynn received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas.


All good relationships are forged when people understand each other. Getting to know my clients is an integral part of my process. The better I know and understand my clients, the better I am able to bring them the best in service and creativity.

Our first meeting together allows us to review your interior design needs and desires. This is typically when one’s own personality will help to carve the creative direction for a home or space. During this initial meeting, we will review the fees associated with your design project & schedule, while keeping your goals in mind. I will base our relationship on integrity, trust, and integration of your style along with my design expertise.


We will take into account specifications, measurements & assessments, and all the important parameters, to create the vision that you have always wanted. Compiling your dreams doesn’t happen overnight and a considerable amount of research will take place behind the scenes in order to garner the most suitable design elements for your special vision. At this point, a design presentation along with proposals will be presented. In addition, an outline and timetable will provide insight as to what will be anticipated.


Guidelines will be signed, and deposits will be made before the roll-out of your project begins. Careful review of every line-item is necessary so that all parties involved are fully satisfied. Once the project gets the green light, we are ready to roll and see our collaboration come to life. Again, this does not happen over night but you will begin to see the changes take place. We initiate check-points that make sure the project is always moving in the right direction. Attention to detail is of utmost importance as we strive for perfect implementation. We track every inch of the process and are always prepared to share the status with you. We take pride in choreographing the many vendors involved during installation. Staying in control yet pivotal is our talent, so that you dont have to be burdened with the myriad of design components happening at once.


The end is only the beginning for YOU! This ending is actually the best part, AND definitely the most fun! I will guide you through a step-by-step walkthrough of every aspect of the project, covering every detail, and informing you of all specifications and/or changes. You will most likely be excited and fully satisfied. So its time to celebrate your new interior and the new look of your home or space!!